My Review of the Asics Gel NoosaFast running shoe is now live on

Asics Gel NoosaFast Running Shoe ReviewIf you’re a shoe geek, which I most certainly am, then you might be familiar with the following scenario: you buy a new pair of shoes on a whim while at your LRS (local running store, for the uninitiated) bring them home and excitedly
install them in your shoe closet (what, you don’t keep a closet of running shoes?) and then promptly forget about them because you have a closet full of running shoes and how can you honestly remember them all.

Such was the fate of the Gel NoosaFast from Asics ($100), which I purchased after a tipsy brunch one weekend and promptly forgot about until midway through my spring marathon season. Let this be a lesson: don’t buy running shoes under the influence, or if you do at least remember to use the bloody things! In any case, I’m glad I eventually found them, tucked behind a worn-out pair of old racing flats, because they’ve been a real treat to use. Click through to to read my full review!

My Review of the UltrApsire Impulse Hydration Waist Belt is now live at  on

With spring already here and summer just around the corner, it’s time to dust off your hydration pack and prepare to sweat. The trouble is that carrying water has to be my least favorite thing about hot weather and long runs. I usually stick with belt-based bottle systems, as backpacks make me even sweatier (imagine Chewbacca in a sauna) and hand-held bottles only hold enough liquid for shorter runs.

Sadly, finding the right fit on most waist belt hydration packs seems like a Goldilocks scenario: wear it too high and you feel like you’re in a corset; too low and you’ll get a wedgie; too loose and it sloshes around like a drunk after last call; too tight, and…well, you get the point. The end result is that I spend a good portion of my run trying to reach that “just right” moment, which is damnably elusive.

Enter the UltrAspire Impulse Hydration Waist Belt, which retails for $66 (£50). Click on over to my review at to see if the Impulse was just right…


My review of Merrell’s Mix Master Move road running shoe is now live on

The Merrell Mix Move (MMM) is part of Merrell’s M-Connect line, which features a variety of minimalist road, trail, and hybrid models that are light weight, low drop (0-4mm), and meant to put runners in greater contact with the ground. Whether you’re a hardcore minimalist or simply looking to transition to less shoe, they’ve probably got an option that’ll suit you.

I fall somewhere in the middle, in that I’ll use a more minimal shoe when doing form drills, short runs, or speed workouts; however, for the bulk of my running I want something with a little cushioning that’s still light and low-drop . I’ve loved the fit and performance of Merrell’s Mix Master 2 (MM2) on the trails, but I’ve shied away from using it for serious road mileage despite being billed as road and trail ready. I was excited to discover that the MMM was built on the same last as the MM2, but with some more road-specific features. So did the Mix Master Move meet my expectations? Click on through to my review at to find out!


I’ve recently started writing running shoe and gear reviews for a great UK-based running web site, Up first is my review of Pearl Izumi’s new EM N1 Road model from it’s E:Motion line.

Pearl Izumi Road N1Pearl Izumi recently released this new line of shoes – including road, trail, and tri models – all based on a new type of dynamic offset. You can read more about the theory behind E:Motion on Pearl Izumi’s web site, but in brief, their dynamic offset (more commonly referred to as “drop“) is meant to vary along with your foot through contact, mid-stance and transition, supposedly making for a quicker turnover and a smoother ride.

I’ve been on the hunt for some new options for a marathon distance shoe, and the specs for the EM N1 Road made them seem like possible race-day contenders. Click on over to Kinetic Revolution to see how they fared on the road…

My (continually annoyed at me) UPS guy just dropped off North Face’s Ultra Guide trail shoe and I thought I’d throw up a quick image and some specs. Haven’t had a run in them yet but very comfy just trying them on. I’ll try to get some early impressions up if I can get to a trail this weekend (doubtful), as I’m Trying to narrow down my choices for 2 weeks of trail running in Hawaii in February (but in my mind I’m already there).


The North Face site has them at 16mm/8mm heel/forefoot, but that’s definitely not the case. Running Warehouse has them at 22m/17mm and this feels closer to the right measurement. They feature a snake plate—a rock plate that provides partial forefoot coverage—that saves some weight but doesn’t provide as much protection as a conventional rock plate; widely spaced, alternating lugs made of sticky rubber; welded overlays, a breathable but debris resistant upper; as well as a bevy of other jargony, technical features claiming to do everything but make you levitate.

Altra teased a picture of the update to their popular trail shoe, the Lone Peak, which is supposed to hit stores early this Spring. From the image it looks like they’ve changed the material of the upper, removed some midfoot overlays, and added an overlay that extends from the top of the lacing system all the way around the ankle collar. No word yet on specs for the Lone Peek 1.5, but you definitely won’t get mistaken for a deer in these things.

UPDATE: Altra has tweeted me to say that this is a picture of the woman’s Lone Peak 1.5.

Altra Lone Peak 1.5

I remember reading about the mental part of training in Jack Daniels’ Formula, but I love this clip of the legend himself discussing the importance of optimism for runners:

Shoe Review: Altra Torin

January 11, 2013 — 4 Comments

altra-torin-sixNormally I like to get a decent amount of miles on a shoe before writing a review, but sometimes it only takes a few runs to form an opinion, and that’s the case for me with the newest offering from Altra, the Torin. I’ve already had a good amount of experience running in Altras, as I own and enjoy both their Instinct and Provision, so read on to see how the Torin held up!

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January 2, 2013 — 2 Comments

I took advantage of some great post Christmas deals to stock up on energy goo in preparation for winter training, and was reminded of a hysterical goo review my friend’s spouse did for a local blog, F.I.P.S. (SFW, despite the racy name). Presented for your amusement and enlightment: A FIPS Guide to That Weird Runner’s Energy goo.

Happy New Year!